is the South African Domain Space. 

"Domains have and will continue to go up in value faster than any other commodity EVER known to man" - Rick Schwartz aka "The Domain King" 

Our mission is to build a network of South African domainers who are passionate about domains and the domain industry and show the world that South African's GET IT!

"I am looking to develop mostly South African ccTLD COZA domains, with the interest to develop lead generation sites, that create thousands of leads daily which would turn into sales and profits." 

I network with other domainers in the industry, buying, selling, leasing and brokering domains. interview blog post by Editorial Staff

Darryl Lopes - Editor-in-Chief, Domain Broker, Entrepreneur, Domainer and creator / owner.
One man band at this stage, but it all starts somewhere, with a single idea.

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